Why ‘Life Class’?



This blog originally came to be as a bi-product of my desire of wanting to keep a handwritten diary of my first time teaching in Thailand, but realising how 1990s of me such a desire was, I turned to my iPad instead. Having always found it easier to handwrite my academic essays before typing them up, I bought a Penguin Classics notebook in Waterstones of the cover of Ludwig Bemelman’s Life Class in order to articulate my thoughts before indulging friends and family. Although I was teaching whilst in Thailand, the experience, as I thought, educated me in more ways than I could ever have hoped to impart on my students. The name of this blog is thus transferable from that Bemelman notebook, and the lessons that I both taught and learnt on my first trip as Teacher Charlotte.  

A realisation dawned on me however that summer, as I lay in a stuffy apartment in Bangkok, unable to fall asleep due to the hum of my air con and the endless hustle and bustle a few storeys below in the streets. Whilst I’m never going to write for Lonely Planet or make my millions from ‘Life Class’,  sharing my experience and thoughts of the places I visit is something that gives me immeasurable pleasure. 



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